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What is Pippa's Painting Club?

A monthly subscription where members join me via Facebook Live once each month to learn how to paint a door hanger or other craft project. Some members watch me Live and paint along with me while others watch the replay at a later time and paint their door hanger at their convenience.


What does the subscription include?

The perks to being a member of Pippa’s Painting Club include:

  • A supply box filled with ALL of the supplies you'll need to complete one painting project each month (we ship three months at a time).

  • The convenience of having all of the supplies needed delivered right to your door. No shopping, overspending, time wasted, frustration in trying to find materials or buying a larger quantity of materials than you need.

  • A LIVE interactive Step by Step Tutorial each month.

  • A recorded video to watch later at your convenience for as long as you are a member of the club.

  • Membership in our private Facebook Group.

  • Special Member Only Offers!

  • A supportive group of painters and new friends!

  • New skills and a fun hobby!


How does the monthly subscription club work?

Pippa's Painting Club is a monthly subscription. The cost of Pippa's Painting Club is $50 per month. Once you sign up, your payment will automatically be processed through PayPal each month. You will not need to sign up again for as long as you wish to be a member of the club. 


To offer members the absolute best value possible, we ship three months' worth of supplies at one time. We are able to pass along the money saved on shipping directly to our members. In fact, we actually offer FREE SHIPPING for our Subscription Club Members.


What is the cancellation policy?

Because we ship supplies three months at a time, you will be expected to make a commitment of at least three months. Once the three months have passed, a new box will be shipped and again you will be expected to pay for the next three months. If you would like to cancel your subscription after fulfilling a three month agreement, just send me a message and we will get you cancelled before your next box is sent.


How long will I have access to the paint tutorials?

The recorded tutorials will be available for you to watch at your convenience for as long as you are a member of the club. If you choose to end your membership you will have access to the tutorials and Facebook group until the following month.


What if I’m not very crafty?

That’s ok! And you might find out that you actually are. The painting club is so much fun for beginners as well as the seasoned crafter. In my step-by-step tutorials, I will show you so many tips and tricks that will help any level of painter find success. We currently have members who are brand new to painting and some that have amazing talent and love getting to use it on these beautiful projects.


When do we start?

Your first subscription box will be shipped to you in mid January. It will include all of your supplies for the next three months of Pippa's Painting Club; one for January, one for February, and one for March. 


Are you ready to become a member of Pippa's Painting Club?

Just to recap how it all works:

  • We will have a monthly virtual painting party in Pippa's Painting Club Facebook Group. You can watch me live on Facebook or watch later at your convenience.

  • You will be automatically billed $50/month. Free shipping!

  • We will make ONE door hanger (or other crafty project) each month.

  • You will NOT receive a box every month. To save you money, three months worth of supplies are shipped together. You will receive ONE box every 3 months that includes all of the supplies needed for the next 3 months worth of projects.

  • You can cancel your subscription once all 3 of the monthly payments for your current box are satisfied.


We would love to have you join us and become a member of

Pippa's Painting Club!

If you're ready, click the link below to get signed up!

For more information contact us at

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